OxyFile #437


H2O2 and Distilled Water - No Problems

Inflammation of the stomach mucosa has occurred in some cases 
where H2O2 was taken with well water, which is often high in iron.  
This combination produces Super Oxide Radicals, which can cause 
rapid breakdown of H2O2 in the stomach and irritate the G.I. 
tract.  However, I have confirmed that when these same persons 
switch from well water to distilled water, they had no problems 
taking H2O2 orally.  The enzyme, catalase, which controls H2O2, is 
in low supply in the stomach area, while plentiful elsewhere in 
the body.  By using distilled water, little H2O2 breaks down in 
the stomach and most of it is absorbed into the blood.

Should an ulcerated condition develop from using H2O2 orally, it 
can be reversed by stopping the oral use of hydrogen peroxide and 
eating a bland diet and taking herbs like whole leaf aloe vera 
juice and drinking cultured cabbage juice.  However, this problem 
can be avoided by using distilled water which should not create 
any problems.  Supplements containing iron and black strap 
molasses should not be taken for 1 hr before or after taking H2O2 

Vitamin C has also been implicated in the scheme above, so it is 
best to do this with distilled or deionized water only and forget 
the juices.  Although I must mention one of the best ways to 
disguise the taste is with carbonated beverages like the sparkling 
fruit drinks.

ECHO's admonition to only take three hours after eating is also 
sounder advice than the above for the obvious reason that the 
stomach will be emptier.