OxyFile #434

1937 Nobel Prize Winner
Dr.  Szent-Gyorgyi told us in 1960 to look to the lone electron 
(the free radical) for a possible solution of the cancer problem.

How strange that this leader in biochemistry should tell us now to 
investigate what Dr. Koch brought to success decades before.

On October 12, 1960 Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, U. S. Marine base, 
Woods Hole, Massachusetts gave a lecture titled "Promise of the 
Life Sciences" before the United States Department of Agriculture 
in which he said in part:

"Contrary to the thinking of the past, there may be an electronic 
basis for many of the biochemical processes - both normal and 
abnormal - in living cells and tissues . . . It is well known that 
energy from the sun causes electrons in cellular atoms to change 
position and that this process is involved in the building up of 
tissue and the maintenance of life. It remains a. mystery just how 
life utilizes the electronic energy to build itself up, and to 
have itself driven by it. . . I think that what these electrons do 
is much more intimately connected with the great problems of 
biology than hitherto believed. 

"Biochemistry, till now, occupied itself, chiefly, with molecules 
and I am profoundly convinced that to get to the bottom of things 
we must descend. one dimension lower to the dimension of the 
electron ... you all know that there are substances capable of 
producing cancer, but nobody has yet explained the way in which 
these simple substances produce this disturbance . . . we have 
found lately, that all substances which produce cancer are capable 
of giving off one electron. So we have reason to believe that this 
electron is actually involved in the production of cancer and a 
more detailed study of this phenomenon may lead us to a better 
understanding of this scourge of mankind."

In 1962 Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi had this to say:

"In the last analysis, life is a play of electrons in atomic 
shells. Electrons are present, not only in the atomic bomb, but 
in the molecules of protein in muscle and other living 
tissues.  Unite this knowledge of electron behavior and atomic 
theory with knowledge of energy exchange in living material and it 
will be child's play to tell medical scientists how to put the 
human machine right when some part of it goes wrong and breaks 
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