OxyFile #432

The International Association for Oxygen Therapy

Information Bulletin Number One

Ozone: Its Therapeutic Action

Ozone (O3 or O2O) is an allotropic form of oxygen: It is oxygen in 
its most active state: It therefore means a more generous supply 
of oxygen, the life giver and the "life sustainer".

Through the action of the flashes of lightning, nature produces 
Ozone for the purpose of purifying the air and to destroy all 
organic decay upon which disease germs and bacteria thrive.  Like 
oxygen, Ozone is a healthful gas.  It has, however, a much greater 
oxidizing, antiseptic and germicidal power.  For this reason it is 
being used with great success for the relief of various diseases.  
Recently, the FDA and other such suppressive organizations have 
been trying to destroy the beneficial and life sustaining 
qualities of Ozone by telling the public that Ozone is poisonous 
and detrimental to the body.  This is not so!  For years the 
physicians around the world have used Ozone for bringing 
palliative and curative results to many, many individuals.  Famous 
physicians like Dr. Nicola Tesla the father of Alternating 
Current, Dr. F. M. Eugene Blass and others world-wide have 
realized the importance of this tremendous gas.  Ozone is one of 
the most energetic and useful agents known to science.  Its 
therapeutic action is due to the oxygenation of the blood by the 
loose molecule (free radical) of oxygen in the 03 compound.  It is 
carried to the various organs and tissues of the body and absorbed 
thus oxidizing the waste and facilitating their elimination.  In 
other words, Ozone increases the metabolism without the 
expenditure of vital energy and special emphasis should be laid on 
the fact that Ozone is a NATURAL REMEDY.


In the process of respiration, waste products are exposed to the 
action of the oxygen in the air and they are burned up very much 
as if they were put into a stove thereby producing body heat.  In 
the living, body heat, whether tangible or not, is continually 
being generated through the chemical action of carbon and oxygen.  
When the blood receives sufficient oxygen to unite with the carbon 
in the proportion of two atoms of oxygen to one of carbon, carbon 
dioxide or carbonic acid gas (CO2) is formed, and being in a 
suitable state, is eliminated.  The process of oxidation is 
complete.  The body temperature is maintained at normal (98.6 F); 
the organs perform their functions properly, and the system is in 
the condition to resist the toxic influences of microbes, 
environment and mankind's excesses.  When, however, an 
insufficient amount of oxygen is received by the blood carbon 
monoxide (CO) is formed.  This is NOT readily eliminated and, 
through its poisonous influences, trouble begins.  Carbon monoxide 
is a De-oxidizer.  It acts as an irritant to organs; the body 
temperature falls below normal and the system is incapable of 
resisting the toxic influences of the various bacteria, 
environmental and industry-related toxins and DISEASE is the 

So prevalent is subnormal temperature among people "rundown" that 
nine out of ten will show a subnormal temperature by actual 
thermometer testing.  There have been several reasons given for 
the subnormal temperatures in recent years.  They range from 
"thyroid insufficiency" to "hypothalamus disorders".  These 
explanations are correct but only to a degree.  The correct 
explanation that CAUSES the problem is low &/or inadequate 
oxidation/oxygen assimilation.  Therefore the thyroid, 
hypothalamus or other endocrine glands (given as the cause) are 
hindered in their normal metabolic function and the subnormal 
temperature is the result.  The correct way to counteract this 
situation is to restore the oxidative process.


The clinical thermometer is the best means of determining the 
existence of under-oxidation and should be used routinely.  The 
temperature of one who is under-oxidized will be found to run from 
a fraction to several degrees below normal.  The under-oxidized, 
subnormal temperatured person will present one or more of the 
following symptoms-- headache, dizziness, insomnia, constipation, 
faint-feeling, loss of appetite, palpitation of the heart, poor 
kidney action, sporadic and related menstrual problems, cold hands 
and feet, etc.. All are due to an impoverished blood supply.  From 
these symptoms we are justified in rendering an explanation of 
under-oxidation taking on the definite forms of neurasthenia, 
liver disorders, kidney disorders, stomach and intestinal woes, 
female/ sexual malfunctions, melancholia, hysteria, chorea, 
anemia, chlorosis and on.  The symptoms or conditions that arise 
from a subnormal temperature are not only in proportion to the 
degree of subnormal temperature.  A person off a fractional part 
of one degree may present as severe a problem scenario as a person 
several degrees below normal. A sufficiency of an active form of 
oxygen for the blood means better blood:

Thus better circulation. better assimilation, better equilibrium 
of body homeostasis i.e. temperature, better vasomotor activity, 
better digestion, better elimination of waste products and less 
chance of auto-intoxication or toxemia, the keynote of all 
disease!  Simply put; with sufficient available oxygen there is 
greater body building of natural substances and less distraction 
into infection and disease.

After careful analytical investigation of disease, it has been 
repeatedly demonstrated-

First: One of the most common and important conditions that the 
person is called upon to correct is the weakness and incapacity 
produced by an impoverished or diminished blood supply.

Second: Under-oxidation produces unhealth primarily because of an 
insufficient supply of oxygen that makes certain the formation of 
carbon monoxide, the DE-oxidizer and hemoglobin destroyer and an 
irritant poison devitalizing the blood and paving the way to a 
multiplicity for acute and chronic troubles.  It has long been 
recognized that the atmosphere possesses the properties of blood-
building, oxidation and antisepsis.  Ozone differs from 
atmospheric action only in degree of activity and potency.  
Ozone's greater activity makes it the greatest blood-building, 
oxidizing and antiseptic agent within the reach of man.

It has been suggested that a subnormal temperature may be a normal 
condition with some people.  This deduction can be disproven by 
placing anyone with a subnormal temperature under the active 
influence of Ozone.  The temperature rises back to normal!

Almost all forms of nervous, functional, respiratory and blood 
disorders can be successfully corrected by oxidative restoration.  
The effects are perfectly NATURAL; the nerves being left calm, 
toned with a feeling of buoyancy and exhilaration.  It stimulates 
the vasomotor system through the nerve centers, which fact is 
clearly shown, increases the redness of skin, a feeling of warmth 
to the whole body and waste products are more freely eliminated.  
The Ozone treatment shows that poor oxidation is the root cause of 
many disorders by reason of the fact that when the temperature is 
brought back to normal the problems disappear!

Oxidation is the source of Life!! It's lack causes impaired health 
or disease. Its cessation..... DEATH!!


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