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Medical Lobby Maintains Choke Hold To Restrict Access to 
Health Alternatives

by Byrun Fox
Media Bypass Magazine October 1996, 1-800-4-BYPASS 

The Indonesian island of Bali is probably the most beautiful 
place on earth, inhabited by a gentle and spiritual people. 
Many memories from my six-month stay in a small Balinese 
village remain, but one marks a turning point in my life. It 
was one of those moments in which a small shift in 
perspective alters direction and opens new horizons.

I was sitting on a porch with Mad'e, a young boy of the 
family with whom we were staying. We had become good friends; 
I enjoyed his impish sense of humor and wild-deerlike 

It was evening, and we could hear gamilan music weaving its 
way through the palm trees from some far-off trance dancing. 
It seemed that every second day was a cause for festivities 
in Bali, and many of them took place at that magical time 
just after sunset.

Earlier that day, Mad'e had fallen from a mango tree and 
broken his forearm. He was in a great deal of pain and asked 
me to take  him to the local witch doctor. We gathered 
together an offering of incense and flowers  and headed off 
along a trail between emerald-green rice patties.

The treatment of Mad'e's arm took about 15 minutes and 
involved manipulation and application of an herbal mixture 
that looked something like French onion soup. We paid with 
the offering of incense and flowers and were on our way. 
After returning to our village, Mad'e amazed me by picking up 
a football and throwing it at me using his  recently treated 

I don't really know whether that arm had been broken, but, 
before our visit to the  witch doctor, he couldn't move his 
wrist, his forearm was swollen, and he was certainly in pain. 
Afterwards, it was obviously much  better.

As we sat on the porch in the humid tropical evening air, I 
started telling him about the kinds of pills that North 
Americans take: pills to wake up and to go to sleep, pills to 
make you hungry or to stop you from eating, pills to make you 
go to the bathroom and others to stop you from going to the 
bathroom, pills to make you have babies and pills to stop you 
from having babies, pills to speed you up and pills to slow 
you down, even pills to make you happier.

At this point in our conversation, Mad'e was laughing so hard 
he fell off the small porch we were sitting on. This pill 
thing was beyond anything he had ever heard. The thought was 
ridiculous and incomprehensible, and, as I reflected upon it 
that evening, it became more and more ridiculous to me. We 
both ended up in hysterics.

Well, that wonderful time in Bali was 25 years ago. Here I am 
sitting in front of my computer thinking about our North 
American medical system. What's really happening here?

Doctors, through legislation, have gained two very 
interesting powers: the legal power to create a need and a 
monopoly on the ability to satisfy that need. One example of 
creating a need is their use of genetics. Here we are told 
what diseases to anticipate in our unborn children and how 
doctors might treat them in the womb. They have actually 
created a need for their services that includes us before we 
are born. On the other end of the time scale, they have 
considerable say in how and when we die.

How many times have you read "consult your physician" on a 
package? Doctors assert secret knowledge of human nature 
which only they have the right to interpret and dispense. 
They claim a monopoly over the definition of who is a 
charlatan, what is deviant or abnormal, which remedies are to 
be administered. They possess exclusive jurisdiction over 
illness regardless of their ability to treat or cure it.

The doctors have powerful allies, the pharmaceutical 
companies, to help them protect their turf. If you want to 
upset them, it's very simple: develop a simple and effective 
treatment for AIDS or cancer. If you want to really get them 
going, develop a self-administered treatment that leaves 
doctors and pharmaceutical companies out of the loop. Perhaps 
such a treatment already exists.

Introducing Ozone

Ozone is a tri-atomic form of oxygen (arranged in a bond of 
three or more atoms). In nature, it is created during 
lightning storms, and it can also be created by passing pure 
oxygen through an ozone generator. The generator energizes 
the oxygen with high-voltage electricity in the same way that 
lightning creates ozone when it strikes the earth and creates 
that wonderful, clean smell. In fact, lightning is nature's 
'ozone therapy' for the planet.

Ozone is a simple, easy-to-use, relatively inexpensive, 
broad-spectrum treatment. It can be administered at home or 
in a clinic. Side effects from ozone therapy are almost 
unheard of, unless you count government harassment.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has harassed and 
arrested people for administering ozone and thus helped 
create a fast-growing underground consisting of the converted 
and the cured. Numerous individuals now use ozone to treat 
illness and maintain good health in the privacy of their 
homes, while offshore clinics in Mexico and the Caribbean 
have patients lining up to spend $10,000 a week for similar 

In his book "Oxygen Therapies," Ed McCabe says, "This product 
is in direct competition with the pharmaceutical industry." 
It's so serious a threat that on May 27, 1993, Rep. Charles 
E. Shumer (D-N.Y.)  called for legislation to mate the use or 
promotion of this "drug" a fraud felony punishable by 25 years in 
prison. He asked for "streamlining" prosecutions, "unleashing" our 
law-enforcement officials and "hunting down crooks who stalk our 

Why would anyone make such a fuss over something so simple? 
It works -- and with remarkable effectiveness in the 
treatment of the big money makers in the health- industry. 
From AIDS and cancer to arthritis and the common cold, more 
than 10 million doses of ozone have been administered in 
German clinics over the past 40 years, and its efficacy has 
been well documented by courageous researchers, mostly in 
Europe, and more recently in Russia and Cuba.

What is the mechanism by which ozone works? It has a half-
life of about 20 minutes. This means that after it is made, 
it immediately begins to break down and revert to its usual 
oxygen-molecule form. In this process, a single atom of 
oxygen is released -a negatively charged atom which 
selectively oxidizes and destroys pathogens -- ignoring our 
healthy cells which are protected by natural antioxidant 

Because of its tendency to revert to ordinary oxygen 
molecules, ozone cannot be bottled or stored. It must be 
manufactured at the point of use. From a pharmaceutical 
manufacturer's point of view, this makes it completely 
untenable as a product. If it can't be bottled and sold, why 
would a company undertake to sell it? Why would a company 
bother to research a product that could conceivably put its 
developer out of business?

Though much of this information may appear new to you, it has 
been around awhile. Nikola Tesla earned the first patent on 
an ozone generator 100 years ago. In 1931, Doctor Otto 
Warburg won a Nobel Prize for his work proving cancer is 
caused by lack of oxygen at a cellular level.

In the Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer he reported, "The 
cause of cancer is no longer a mystery. We know it occurs 
when any cell is denied 60 percent of its oxygen requirement. 
This occurs through a buildup of pollution of toxicity within 
and around the cell which blocks and then damages the 
cellular oxygenation respiration mechanism."

One can generalize Dr. Warburg's theory and state that the 
vast majority of our present day "chronic" diseases are the 
result of normal healthy cells switching from an oxidation 
process (aerobic) to an anaerobic fermentation process. This 
is a built-in survival mechanism that helps the cell survive 
but frequently kills the body.	

The air we breathe is about 20 percent oxygen, the rest is 
mostly nitrogen with some carbon dioxide. Due to pollution and the 
destruction of forests, the present oxygen level in our 
environment has decreased to half of what it was just 1,000 years 
ago. Present- toxins create an additional need for healthy levels 
of oxygen in the body.

If we are to believe the contents of the 6,000 medical papers 
published on ozone and the results of 10 million treatments 
administered in Europe, it would seem that flooding the body 
with an ozone/oxygen mixture can reverse a large number of 
disease processes by destroying anaerobic viruses, bacteria 
and fungi.

In the August 22, 1980, volume of Science, a peer-review 
article titled "Ozone Selectively Inhibits Growth of Human of 
Cancer Cells," reported, "Exposure to ozone ... inhibited 
cancer cell growth by more than 90 percent."

Compared to conventional treatments, it is inexpensive, 
effective, and has no harmful side effects. It has been shown 
to deactivate the AIDS virus; this information has even 
appeared in the respected Journal of Hematology.

A question frequently asked is, "If it's so effective, why 
haven't I heard of it before?" Keep in mind, there is no 
significant money in cures.

Virtually any cure, once discovered, can be manufactured and 
distributed at a reasonable cost. The big money has always 
been in grants and  for research and treatment, never in 
actual cures. Why would medical schools that receive funding 
from pharmaceutical companies teach doctors about ozone? It 
is simply not in their best interests.

Ozone therapy is being intentionally suppressed. It is 
illegal to sell an ozone generator for medical treatment 
purposes, because under federal law it is a "medical device." 
It is illegal to administer ozone because it has been labeled a 
drug and, as yet, has no approval. Technically, it is illegal to 
talk about ozone as that can be construed as medical advice. In 
fact, people have been arrested  for each of the above, but that 
doesn't stop people from buying them, mostly imported from 

What is a "gangster?" Isn't he someone who, for his own profit, 
grabs control of a basic necessity in order to corner the market 
and then use fear and intimidation as marketing tools? The U.S. 
medical profession has become just such a dominant, authoritative 
monopolistic entity, "legal" or not, and, it has suppressed the 

 Perhaps criticizing pharmaceutical companies and medical 
doctors is a waste of time. They may simply be the symptoms 
of our own eagerness to delegate away responsibility for our 
well-being to others in positions of authority.
It's one thing to intellectualize about such things, but 
quite another to face them straight on when you or a loved 
one becomes ill. A number of years ago my mother died of 
breast cancer.

Taken into a hospital, she was operated on and irradiated 
until her flesh hung on her like cooked meat. She suffered 
greatly, lived a few months longer, and then died. At that 
time, I lacked resources and knowledge, but I had a very 
clear feeling that there must be a better way.

From the perspective of a small village in Bali, our medical 
system is insanely expensive, very impersonal and utterly 
lacking in spirituality. We have only one recognized medical 
model (allopathy) which is quick to exclude therapies it 
doesn't understand or finds threatening.

The Balinese live as long as we do, with a level of happiness, joy 
and freedom most Westerners only envy. The "authorities" don't 
have all the answers. It is up to us to educate ourselves and take 
control in both prevention and treatment.

(Byrun Fox is an alternative health care consultant based in 
Vancouver, British Columbia. He can be contacted at: (604)