OxyFile #426

Prolonged contrast infusion echocardiography with hydrogen 

Onishchenko EF; Il'in AS

Ter Arkh, 67: 9, 1995, 78-81


A new method of prolonged C-echo-CG with HP implies intravenous 
administration of 0.3% HP solution for continuous contrasting of 
right heart chambers for 5-20 minutes. A new technique of C-echo-
CG was introduced in 277 patients with innocent cardiac murmur 
(93), interventricular septal defects (19), interatrial septal 
defects (26), open oval foramen (42), tricuspid regurgitation 
(56), pulmonary artery regurgitation (41). Prolonged C-echo-CG 
with HP was combined with respiratory stress tests. The technique 
is simple, more effective than short-term C-echo-CG, free of 
severe side effects and complications.