OxyFile #416

TORONTO, March 26 1997 - LifeTECH Corporation announced today the 
introduction of its new Internet Web Site at www.Lifetech.on.ca. 
The new Web Site will be a showcase of the business and scientific 
achievements of LifeTECH as it advances towards its goal of making 
the Sterinetics(TM) System the world's premier blood and 
biological fluid sterilization technology.

Mr. Walter J. Dermott, President & CEO made the announcement, 
saying "We have created this new Web Site to raise the profile of 
the Corporation and enhance our level of communication to the 
world. The new site will be informative, comprehensive and 
interactive. We will provide up-to-date information on news 
releases, business plans, the global blood marketplace, our 
scientific abstracts and manuscripts, together with financial and 
investor information. Our 'Ask the Experts' section will allow 
users to direct specific questions to the Corporation's 
executives. We see this new Web Site as a great way to create a 
better understanding of the unique and important work that we are 
doing to make the global blood supply safe."

LifeTECH's new Web Site, located at www.Lifetech.on.ca, will open 
with approximately 60 pages of information. The site will be 
updated weekly and all questions will be answered weekly so that 
new information can be communicated quickly. It is planned that 
the site will grow significantly as new scientific abstracts and 
other corporate information are added to the database. A "Links" 
section will permit linking to related Web Sites such as Pall 
Corporation (LifeTECH's strategic partner), the Canadian Red 
Cross, the American Red Cross, The American Association of Blood 
Banks, the Krever Inquiry, and others.