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Independent Research Confirms Inactivation of Simian 
Immunodeficiency Virus by LifeTECH's Sterinetics(TM) System

TORONTO, Dec. 12 1996 /CNW/ - LifeTECH Corporation announced today 
that Dr. Fred Quimby, a leading researcher, has confirmed that 
ozone-induced oxidative stress inactivates Simian Immunodeficiency 
Virus (SIV) in human blood. Dr. Quimby's research provides 
independent proof of concept that LifeTECH's technology sterilizes 
human blood of viruses that cause illness and death in humans.

Walter J. Dermott, LifeTECH's President and CEO, summarized the 
significance of this scientific validation: "Dr. Quimby's data has 
verified the unique ability of ozone-induced oxidative stress to 
kill viruses in human blood - efficiently, effectively, and 
without damaging the blood. This proof of concept substantiates 
the scientific basis for our technology, the Sterinetics System, 
to become the premier global sterilization technology for blood 
and blood products. It is particularly notable that Dr. Quimby 
inactivated SIV, which is virtually identical to the Human 
Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). We have now taken an important step 
toward eliminating the risk of getting HIV and other deadly 
diseases from the transfusion of blood and blood products."

Dr. Quimby is Professor of Pathology and Immunology at the New 
York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, 
Ithaca, New York. The Canadian Department of National Defence 
invited Dr. Quimby to participate in Canadian research into the 
effects of ozone, since SIV causes an AIDS-like disease in monkeys 
and other primates. In April 1996, LifeTECH announced that it 
would continue to support Dr. Quimby's three-year DND study using 
LifeTECH's prototype system. The results have shown that ozone-
induced oxidative stress inactivated SIV in a dose response manner 
in red blood cells. Using LifeTECH's prototype, 5 logs/ml SIV was 
inactivated and the results confirmed in tissue culture assays and 
extremely sensitive p27 antigen assays.

Since April, LifeTECH's scientists have significantly advanced the 
Sterinetics System to simultaneously inactivate both lipid and 
non-lipid coated viruses. Through the development of unique viral 
load inactivation models, the Sterinetics System has now achieved 
more than 6 logs/ml inactivation of several key viruses in 
intravenous immunoglobulin and red blood cells. Most recently, 
ozone-induced inactivation of greater than 6 logs/ml of Bovine 
Viral Diarrhea virus, a regulatory equivalent model for Hepatitis 
C, was achieved in red blood cells. LifeTECH will continue to 
refine its technology in preparation for regulatory approval of 
its sterilization process for blood and blood products.

LifeTECH Corporation is a Canadian biotechnology company dedicated 
to developing and commercializing innovative technologies to 
sterilize blood and other biological fluids. LifeTECH's 
Sterinetics System is designed to inactivate viruses and bacteria 
in the global blood supply, including the HIV and Hepatitis 
viruses. LifeTECH common shares (LFTK) and warrants (LFTK.WT) 
trade on the Canadian Dealing Network.

From Canada Newswire