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LifeTECH's Sterinetics(TM) System Achieves Multiple Viral 
Inactivation in Intravenous Immunoglobulin

TORONTO, Dec. 3 1996 /CNW/ - LifeTECH Corporation announced today 
that its Sterinetics System has successfully inactivated three 
kinds of hazardous viruses in human Intravenous Immunoglobulin 
(IVIg). The three virus types inactivated are recognized by North 
American and European regulatory agencies as animal equivalents of 
human disease viruses. From a scientific standpoint, inactivation 
of the animal viruses is accepted as evidence that the human 
viruses can be eliminated as well. IVIg is an intravenous solution 
made from human protein extracted from blood, and is transfused 
into tens of thousands of immune-suppressed patients annually.

Mr. Walter J. Dermott, President and CEO, stated: "Inactivation of 
these three model viruses provides further confirmation that the 
Sterinetics System is the world's most advanced technology for 
viral inactivation of blood products. Our patented, induced 
oxidative stress process has now been proven to achieve more than 
6 logs (log 6) of inactivation of both lipid coated and non-lipid 
viruses within the same process cycle. To date, no other 
technology has achieved these results. We will continue our 
development program to position the Sterinetics System to 
capitalize on the global $7-10 billion annual marketplace for 
blood product sterilization."

The three viruses successfully inactivated by the Sterinetics 
System include the Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVD) virus, which models 
the human Hepatitis C virus, and Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis 
(IBR) which is a large Herpes type virus. Also inactivated was the 
much smaller Adenovirus, which is found both in bovine species and 

Viral inactivation of IVIg is part of LifeTECH's continuing 
development of the Sterinetics System for viral inactivation of 
multiple blood components such as red blood cells, serum, plasma 
and platelets. LifeTECH's goal is the elimination of the 
transmission of disease through blood and blood product 

LifeTECH Corporation is a Canadian biotechnology company dedicated 
to developing and commercializing innovative technologies to 
sterilize blood and other biological fluids. LifeTECH's 
Sterinetics System is designed to inactivate viruses and bacteria 
in the global blood supply, including the HIV and Hepatitis 
viruses. LifeTECH common shares (LFTK) and warrants (LFTK.WT) 
trade on the Canadian Dealing Network.

From Canada Newswire