OxyFile #410

LifeTECH Announces Technology Name Change

TORONTO, Dec. 3 1996 /CNW/ - LifeTECH Corporation (CDN-LFTK), a 
biotechnology company with proprietary technology for the 
sterilization of blood and blood products, announces the remaining 
of its technology as the "Sterinetics(TM) System".

The name "Sterinetics System" reflects the role of LifeTECH's 
technology in the sterilization of blood, blood products, animal 
sera and other biological products. Trademark applications for the 
name Sterinetics System have been filed in Canada and the United 

The Corporation was unable to obtain trademark protection in the 
United States for the name previously selected, Sterizone System.

LifeTECH Corporation is a Canadian biotechnology company dedicated 
to developing and commercializing innovative technologies to 
sterilize blood and other biological fluids. LifeTECH's 
Sterinetics System is designed to inactivate viruses and bacteria 
in the global blood supply, including the HIV and Hepatitis 
viruses. LifeTECH common shares (LFTK) and warrants (LFTK.WT) 
trade on the Canadian Dealing Network.

From Canada Newswire