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LifeTECH Confirms Viral Inactivation in Intravenous Immunoglobulin
by Sterizone(TM) System

TORONTO, July 8 1996 /CNW/ - LifeTECH (CDN-LFTK), a biotechnology 
company with proprietary sterilization technology for blood and 
blood products, announced today that internal research confirms 
that its Sterizone(TM) System achieves total viral kill (10 to the 
power of 6 log viral inactivation) in Intravenous Immunoglobulin 
(IVIg). This intravenous solution, made from human protein 
extracted from blood, is transfused into tens of thousands of 
immune-suppressed patients each year. The research is further 
evidence that LifeTECH's technology will prevent individuals from 
contracting illnesses through the transfusion of blood products.

Mr. Walter J. Dermott, President and CEO, stated: "This 
breakthrough positions LifeTECH to capitalize on the $1 billion 
annual global market for IVIg products. The Sterizone System is 
the most advanced technology of its kind in the world. This is the 
latest demonstration of its ability to achieve viral kill in a 
broad range of blood products, each with substantial market 
potential. It is a critical step towards making the blood supply 
safe for all."

The focus of LifeTECH's Research & Development program is to 
separate whole blood into its various components, such as red 
blood cells, serum, plasma, platelets and intravenous products, 
which are then sterilized using the Sterizone System. The aim is 
to determine the optimal parameters for sterilizing each 
component. As recently announced, LifeTECH has formed a Strategic 
Research Alliance with the Canadian Red Cross Society to sterilize 
CD34 stem cells used in bone marrow transplants. LifeTECH expects 
to announce further strategic alliances in the future.

Over the next few months, the Corporation's research will be 
submitted for peer review in recognized scientific journals and at 
scientific conferences. LifeTECH's goal is the sterilization of 
all blood products to prevent the transmission of disease through 

LifeTECH Corporation is a Canadian biotechnology company dedicated 
to developing and commercializing innovative technologies to 
sterilize blood and other biological fluids. LifeTECH's 
Sterizone(TM) System is designed to inactivate viruses and 
bacteria in the global blood supply, including the HIV and 
Hepatitis viruses. LifeTECH common shares (LFTK) and warrants 
(LFTK.WT) trade on the Canadian Dealing Network.

From: Canada Newswire