OxyFile #396

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for rhinocerebral fungal infection.

Kajs-Wyllie M

St. David's Hospital, Austin, Texas 78765-4039, USA.

J Neurosci Nurs, 27: 3, 1995 Jun, 174-81


Rhinocerebral mucormycosis is an acutely fatal fungal infection 
that usually arises in the ethmoid sinuses, spreads into the 
orbits and then into the cranial cavity. It is typically seen in 
diabetic or immunocompromised patients. Therapy includes 
aggressive surgical debridement, administration of high-dose 
amphotericin-B and control of underlying predisposing conditions. 
Adjunctive hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) is another treatment modality 
that appears to be promising; oxygen in sufficient concentrations 
is fungicidal and decreases acidosis thereby increasing tissue 
survival. It is important for the neuroscience nurse to have an 
understanding of this deadly infection and the role in preparing 
the patient for HBO therapy to better plan care.