OxyFile #393

The effect of hyperbaric oxygen on different phases of healing of
ischaemic flap wounds and incisional wounds in skin.

Quirinia A; Viidik A

Department of Connective Tissue Biology, University of Aarhus, 

Br J Plast Surg, 48: 8, 1995 Dec, 583-9


Several studies have revealed a positive effect of treatment of 
ischaemic wounds and flaps with hyperbaric oxygen. We studied the 
effect of 100% oxygen (2.4 ATA) for 90 min daily on different 
phases of healing ischaemic and normal incisional wounds in rats. 
Hyperbaric oxygen on day 0-3 significantly increased almost all 
the force parameters of ischaemic flap wounds by 41-57% after 10 
days of healing. On the other hand, when the treatment was 
continued until day 9 the positive effect on the wound healing was 
abolished. Furthermore, when hyperbaric oxygen was given on days 
4-9 there was a tendency towards a decrease in the biomechanical 
parameters. Hyperbaric oxygen had no effect on the healing of 
normal incisional wounds.