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Authority:  Dr. Donatient L. Abbe, M.D.
Chief, Electro-Therapy Department, 1st Hospital
Bouvicant, Paris, France

Subject:  OZONE - for Whooping Cough

The first use of OZONE in whooping cough was made in 1890, under
my advice by Dr. Hellet of Clichy.  Since that time there have
been several publications on the subject, in France and elsewhere,
first by my friend Dr. Derecq of Paris, by Prof. Doumer of Lille
and by Dr. Caille of New York; then, more recently, by Dr. Delherm
of Paris, Dr. Thielle of Rouen and Dr. Bordier of Lyons.  For my
own part, I have published at various times in collaboration with
Dr. Oudin, numerous observations of whooping cough promptly
relieved and cured by OZONE.

My personal experience rests on over one hundred cases during ten
years.  In all these cases, and especially those treated from the
outset of well developed whooping cough, I have obtained
amelioration prompt and rapid at first, and later a complete cure. 
In a time little longer than that ordinarily covered by a very
light attack, the result has been constant.  This constancy and
continuity of action enables us to be still more strongly
affirmative than we were earlier in our researches and we do not
hesitate to say that OZONE is a remedy par excellence for whooping
cough.  If less favorable results have been obtained by some
experimenters, their lack of success arises not from any failing
on the part of OZONE, but from the use of faulty apparatus or from
defective application.  The treatment would be rendered complete
by maintaining an ozonized atmosphere in the patient's room.

In "Clinical Reports" Journal de Medicine de Paris