OxyFile #385

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Authority:  E. K. Rideal, Ph.D., M.A.
Past President Physical Chemistry
University, Illinois

Subject: OZONE - for Powerful Sterilization

OZONE is a powerful germicidal as was first indicated by Frohlick. 
Its high germicidal activity is doubtless due to its oxidizing
power, and as a dual agent of this character, it has been fairly
extensively employed for the sterilization of public water
supplies, for the treatment of wounds in hospitals, and for
various purposes of sterilization and preservation in industries. 
Some sterilization is effected by ozonation of air, since a marked
reduction is obtained in the bacterial count of the air which has
actually passed through the ozonizer and subject to the
ultraviolet radiation in the ozonizer is practically sterile, and
a consequent improvement in the bacteria naturally expected, in
fact obtained.

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