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Authority: George Stocker, M.D.. C.M.G., F.R.C.S., R.A., M.C.

Subject:  OZONE - for Gas Poisoning

The idea of using Ozone inhalation in the treatment of cases of
poison gas was first suggested to me by long experience of this
treatment in diseases of the air passages, such as pneumonia,
bronchitis, bronchientacis, etc., and also of cavities in the
lungs and in empyena; by this most successful results were

I considered poison gas as a producer of what may be called a
mechanical Pneumonia, as opposed to the more ordinary forms
resulting from cold causes etc., and requires the same treatment.

The principal effects of Ozone are:

1. as a complete germicide
2. a strong factor in the formation of oxyhemoglobin and
3. a powerful stimulant to the heart.

When prepared from atmospheric air, with proper ozonizers, and
care fully administered, it is absolutely NON-IRRITATING.  If
these precautions are not observed, it may produce irritation
instead of relief.  Ozone should be inhaled directly from the
ozonizers air-tight chambers, such as are used in hospitals for
the treatment of tubercular cases, are cumbersome and
inconvenient, and not suitable for the advanced front.  Ozone is a
very evanescent body and soon loses its power and becomes oxygen
again, and for these reasons should be inhaled direct from the

Ozone should be thus inhaled from 10 to 15 minutes at each
application.  The number of applications being dependent on

1. the severity of the case
2. the toleration of it by the patient and
3. the relief afforded.

It must be remembered that the sooner Ozone is inhaled, even
though for a short time at first, the better the result will be.


1. It relieves the cough, dyspones and pain.
2. It assists the expulsion of the glutinous mucous from the air
3. It stimulates the heart's action and reduces its intermittence
   when this symptom shows.
4. In many cases of gassing, the mental condition of the patient
   is affected, they become dull, stupid and apathetic. OZONE

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