OxyFile #379

Influence of Ozone Treatment in Sportsmedcine

J. Jakl


According to the well known effects of ozone treatment and its 
influence on fatty acids in the eryrtocytic membrane as well as in 
2,3 DPG, we took interest in possible effects in endurance tests.  30 
sports students had to undertake bicycle ergometrics as vita maxima 

Aerobic and anaerobic threshold, heartrate O2 utilisation and 
lactatkinetic were compared before and after different ozone 
treatments such as intramuscular application, IV O3 blood treatment 
and rectal insufflation.

Especially in the IV blood treatment and in the rectal insufflation 
group aerobic performance was improved, when no influence on anerobic 
workout in lactatc concentrations over 4 mmol/l showed up.

Those effects and the relative economisation in aerobic training 
seems to base on ozone effects in intracellular metabolism as well as 
a better utilisation of free fatty acids.

Especially endurance sports and athletes who need a high level of O2 
turn over could probably take some profit of ozone treatment without 
side effects that could occur with other therapies.  In general it 
showed up, that the positive influence in very well trained person 
was less then in those who had lower endurance levels.  That probably 
depends on the just optimized intracellular metabolism which develops 
after several years of training.

J. Jakl MD, Sportsmedcine
A - 1150, Wien
Akkonpl. 10/15

Date: 1995