OxyFile #378

No Increase in Sister Chromatid Exchanges and Micronuclei Frequencies 
in Human Lymphocytes Exposed to Ozone in vitro

S. Diaz, S. Menendez[1], L. Eng[1], and I. Fernandez[2]

Toxicology and Pharmacology Department, Pharmacy and Food Institute
Havana University, P.O. Box 14024, 11400, Havana, Cuba

1. Ozone Research Center, National Center for Scientific Research 
   (NCSR) P.O. Box 6880, 11300, Havana, Cuba.
2. Mutagenesis Laboratory, National Center for Scientific Research 


The genotoxicity of one ozone medical application is evaluated.  The 
study was carried out in lymphocytes of 8 Retinitis pigmentosa 
patients before and after 15 autohemotherapy sessions with ozone.  
Human lymphocytes from healthy donors were also exposed in vitro to 
therapeutic and higher levels of ozone.  There were no significant 
differences in sister chromatid exchanges, micronuclei frequencies and 
proliferation indices between non exposed control cells and exposed 

Date: 1995