OxyFile #364

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Authority: A. Vosmaer, Ph.D., London, England
Electrical and Chemical Engineer

Subject:  OZONE - for Air Purification - Remarkable power for
killing bacteria.

Ozone owes its fame to its remarkable power of killing bacteria. 
That is why the world should look upon Ozone as a boon to mankind. 
No matter how many bacteria there may be, Ozone will take car of
them and destroy any amount of any kind.  The trouble is that one
soon gets used to bad air, and bad odors are not apt to be noticed
after awhile; but the fact remains that pure air is more wholesome
than contaminated air.  In our regular daily life, it is almost an
impossibility to provide for fresh air.  No amount of ventilation,
not even an unbearable draft, will be capable of keeping a room or
a place in good condition, unless one takes recourse in
ventilating with ozonized air.  Removal of bad odors by means of
air flushing is an absolute impossibility, and yet they should be
removed.  That is where Ozone comes in.  The method of purifying
the air by Ozone has the advantage of being fully reliable.  Very
efficient and inexpensive.

In "Ozone, its Manufacture, Properties and Uses"