OxyFile #362

Ozone - God's Gift to Humanity

No. 3

Lecture by J. H.  Effenberg, Ps.D., Ph.D.

Copyright - 1951
Turlock, California

Your Health Reflects The Air You Breath


A blanket of OZONE in the atmosphere is our protection for life on 
this earth as it screens out the cosmic radiations.  This has been 
our previous explanation in the subject of our lecture entitled 
lecture No. 1.

In the lecture study No. 2, we have discussed OZONE in relation to 
our air belt acting as a great vacuum cleaner and as God's OZONE 
generator in action in order to keep the air fresh and clean for 
the sake of our health and pleasure.

In this lecture, lecture No. 3, I will try further to discuss 
OZONE so that it may become an intimate part of your thinking in 
relation to your life, the community and as a health modality.

OZONE has a useful scope and is widely used throughout the world.  
Perhaps more so than any other like therapy.  In this lecture, we 
shall discuss OZONE'S general and special therapeutic value, for 
OZONE has an outstanding medical history.  It is used in operating 
rooms and wards in hospitals for the purpose of destroying harmful 
bacteria that constantly filter into the air and render the 
atmosphere unsterile in so far as surgical procedures are 
considered.  One finds it a matter of standard therapy to protect 
both patient, doctor, nurses and visitors besides its use for 
sterilization purposes in operating rooms and wards.  It is also 
used by doctors for the treatment of many ailments with gratifying 

For a great many years the use of OZONE therapy has been neglected 
because its therapeutic value was not sufficiently understood.  
However, after such outstanding research authorities as are 
hereinafter set out, the use of OZONE has become one of common 

I humbly submit to my readers some of my experiences gained over a 
period of some 40 years, in relation to the sick and ailing for as 
a Military Officer, I have had charge of an Army Hospital, in 
Germany.  I also employed myself as a Medical Corps Officer in the 
Turkish Army.  Then again, as a Missionary, I had charge of a 
large medical institution in Central China sponsored by the 
Seventh-day Adventists and in my extensive travels through China, 
Tibet and Mongolia I was able to help many of our suffering fellow 
men.  Thus, in these 40 years I had occasion to study human 
ailments and learn many things concerning God's wonderful 
handiwork in relation to the human body and the body's 
opportunities for restoration.  In 40 years of careful study I 
have concluded that there is nothing of such therapeutic value as 
that of OZONE.

Despite 40 years of observations, I humbly acknowledge that OZONE 
therapy has such great prospects for alleviating sickness that I 
feel that we have just scratched the surface of this immensely 
interesting subject.

In this third lecture series I am submitting to you my reflections 
on the efficacious use of OZONE and in addition to this, am 
presenting to you a Compend of outstanding Doctors and Scientists, 
who have spent many years in research work with OZONE and who have 
in their case histories indicated the advantages in the use of 
OZONE.  In the hope that you will feel as I do, that there is a 
need for OZONE in the life of every single individual, I herewith 
present to you:

A Compend of Outstanding Doctors and Scientists as a

Represented in this survey.

Allison, D. K., M.D., USA
Abbe, Donatient L., M.D., France
Aughinbaugh, W. E., M.D., USA
Bennett, H. Clark, M.D., USA
Caille, August, M.D., USA
Carpenter, Frank B., M.D., USA
Chamorre, A. T., M.D., Argentine
Drinker, Philip, M.D., USA
Eberhard, N. M., M.D., USA
Hallet, E. S., M.E., USA
Howlett, E. S., M.E., USA
Glockner, Albert, USA
Glosses, Charles Le., D.C., USA
Johnston, Geo. A., M.D., USA
Justice, O. M., M.D., USA
Kaime, Martha, USA
Kessel, J. F., M.D., USA
Kleinemann, M.D., Germany
Kunzemann, Th., M.D., Germany
Marke, William, R. Ch., USA
Moore, J. Fredrick, M.D., USA
Olson, J. C., Ph.D., USA
Oudine, G., M.D., France
Pribluda, S., M.D., Argentine
Quiros, Maria, USA
Rideal, E. K., Ph.D., USA
Riesbeck, E. W., M.E., USA
Rosenaw, M. T., M.D., USA
Steward, James, M.D., USA
Stockes, Geo., M.D., England
Thorp, Clark, Ph.D., USA
Thorpe, Sir Edward, LL.D., England
Tyler, Richard G., Ph.D., USA
Verbon, Leo, M.D., USA
White, E. G., H.R., USA

Research Centers Represented in this Survey.

Armor Research Foundation - Institute of Technology, ILL, USA.
American College of Physical Therapy - USA
Berlin University - Germany
Behren Memorial Hospital, Glendale, Calif. - USA
Board of Education, St. Louis - USA
Bouvicant First Hospital, Paris - France
British Army Medical Service, London - England
Chicago College of Medicine and Surgery, Chicago - USA
Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass - USA
Polytechnic Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y. - USA
Physical Chemistry University, Illinois - USA
Post Graduate Medical School, New York - USA
S. California University of Los Angeles - USA
Salaberry Hospital, Buenos Aires - Argentine
Spaulding General Hospital, Portland, Oregon - USA
Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio - USA
Washington University, Seattle, Wash - USA