OxyFile #361

Hyperbaric oxygenation therapy for cyclophosphamide-induced 
haemorrhagic cystitis.

Yazawa H; Nakada T; Sasagawa I; Miura M; Kubota Y

Department of Urology, Yamagata University School of Medicine, 

Int Urol Nephrol, 27: 4, 1995, 381-5


A 41-year-old female patient undergoing cyclophosphamide therapy 
for ovarian tumour suffered from haemorrhagic cystitis. Hyperbaric 
oxygenation (HBO) (100% of oxygen concentration at 2 atmospheric 
absolute pressures for 60 minutes a day for 30 days) was 
performed. After treatment the symptom subsided and haematuria 
disappeared. Cystoscopic findings demonstrated marked improvement. 
During the course of therapy no side effect was noted. Thus, HBO 
treatment appeared to have a beneficial effect on cyclophosphamide