OxyFile #356

Effects of ozone on some biological activities of cells in vitro.

Cardile V; Jiang X; Russo A; Casella F; Renis M; Bindoni M

Institute of Human Physiology, University of Catania, Italy.

Cell Biol Toxicol, 11: 1, 1995 Feb, 11-21


The aim of this work was to study the in vitro effect of ozone on 
the 70 kDa family of inducible heat shock proteins (HSPs70). We 
also performed tests to investigate possible toxic effects of 
ozone at the different doses employed. In human haematic 
mononucleated cells ozone at doses up to 20 micrograms/ml had no 
toxic effects and induced biosynthesis of the HSPs70. Biosynthesis 
of these proteins was greater at 40 micrograms/ml. In murine 
macrophages testing with tetrazolium salt (MTT), neutral red, and 
2-deoxy-D-[1-3H]glucose uptake and study of the cell morphology 
showed a remarkable resistance or no toxic effects at a dose of 
100 micrograms/ml also. Melanoma B16 murine cells assayed with the 
MTT test demonstrated less resistance to the toxic effects of 
ozone than normal cells. These results provide indications 
relevant to the problems of ozone therapy.