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Date: Sun, 14 Apr 1996 17:37:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Mike Davis"  xdcrlab@quake.net
Subject: SuperOxy *MINUS*

Over a year ago I tested SuperOxy as described in the FAQ.  The 
reading indicated less than 10 parts per million (ppm) on a color 
scale with like five colors from 0-30, so I'll call it 8 ppm.

the dilution was 100:1 so the concentration of peroxides in 
SuperOxy would be 800 ppm which is the same as .08%

For comparison lets look at 5 drops of 35% HP in a glass of water:

 (.25 ml x .35)/240 ml = .000365  or .0365%

Not bad you say the superoxy is twice as concentrated but you 
didn't take into consideration the volume. So lets multiply the 
two concentrations, 8 oz for the batch we just made and let's say 
2 oz for the SuperOxy, as recommended on the label:

  8oz x .0365% = .29
  2oz x .08%   = .16

Well, well, .16 goes into .29 almost twice, which basically says 
that one ounce of SuperOxy is equivalent to 2.5 drops of 35% HP, 
well let's round it off to 3 drops (same as 35 drops 3% HP)

And you thought you were getting a full twenty drops? Or did you 
think you were getting as the label says "twenty drops of a 
combination of 35% HP and MgO2" which really doesn't tell you 
anything at all.

This is the deception of SuperOxy, not telling you what is really 
in the product;:i.e., X amount HP and X amount MgO2.  I realy 
don't care that Dr. Donsbach considers this proprietary, people 
are putting this stuff in their bodies and they have a right to 
know. The other part of the deception is leading people to believe 
they are really getting twenty drops of HP activity when in fact 
they are getting less than 3 drops.  It may be that they actually 
put a significant amount of HP into the product but it is simply 
not delivered in the end product. (and do you really believe the 
FDA would let them sell it if it was this strong?)

What about the MgO2 and the ability to test its strength with the 
test strips?  I do not know the redox half reaction for MgO2 so 
can't say wether it would pick it up or not.  The ability to test 
for other organic or metallic hydroperoxides is claimed by the 
manufacturer.  In any event if the amount of active MgO2 were 
significant users would see effects similar to products like 
Homozone which have not been reported.

Could the HP in SuperOxy have degraded into O2 so that you are 
still getting the same oxygen?  Could be; however, even though the 
popular notion of increasing O2 levels to burn out the bad stuff 
has great appeal, there is actually much more going on such as 
stimulating immunity thru cytokines and many other physiologic 
effects which require stronger oxidizing agents like HP and ozone.

Could there be other things going on like oxidized aloe products 
that have healing properties?  Could be but we now leave the realm 
of oxytherapy.

So, Grandad should do just as well on 3 drops of 35% or 35 drops 
of 3% HP in a glass of water for each two oz. of SuperOxy.  And 
you can get 3% for 59 cents a pint and an oz has 600 drops good 
for the equivalent of 300 oz or 9.4 quarts of SuperOxy

So for ten cents worth of HP I can have the equivalent of $190 
worth of that other stuff.  I do not consider that a matter of 
"pioneer spirit" but rather one of ripoff.  I guess you can figure 
out why it is palatable. Hope I've made it plain enough.

From William Campbell Douglass: Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical 
Miracle.  May have been retitled: Greatest Medical Miracle of the 

              Appendix IV

      Metabolic and Physiological Effects
            of Peroxide Healing

   Numerous physiological effects are attributed to
hydrogen peroxide and documented in the literature.
Some of these effects may be broadly characterized as
1. Pulmonary
   a. Increased oxygenation (37)-Increased oxygena-
     tion up to twelve(I believe this to be a typo and
     should read two) atmospheres have been reported
     in tissue following both the intravenous and intra-
     arterial infusions of H202.
   b. Alveolar debridement (31)-Alveolar debridement
      occurs due to the action of oxygen, generated by
     intaavenou hydrogen peroxide as it diffuses from
     the pulmonary veins into the alveolar space. The
     retrograde diffusing oxygen undermines mucous
     or other accumulated materials in the alveolus,
     promoting expectoration.
2. Metabolic Rate
   a Hormonal effect
     Several hormonal effects have been reported to be
     regulated by the action of H202. Examples are:
     1. Iodination of thyroglobin (13)
     2. Production of thyronine (13)
     3. Progesterone production (107)
     4. Inhibition of bioamines (108); dopamine,
       noradrenalin and serotonin
     5. Prostaglandin synthesis (46,47,109)
     6. Dopamine metabolism (110)
     7. Regulates Reticulum Calcium Transport (111)
   b. Stimulation of Oidative Enzyme Systems
     Hydrogen Peroxide directly and mdirectly stimu-
     lates oxidative enzyme systems. Micromolar
     amounts of infused H2O2 have been found to in-
     crease oxidative enzymatic activity to the maxi-
     mum rate of reaction. This enzymatic stimulation
     mfluences many different metabolic pathways.
     1. Increases GSH oxidation to GSSG, which in-
       creases ATP production (112)
     2. Activates Hexose Monophosphate Shunt (41)
     3. Alters Na-K ATPase activity (12)
     4. Regulates cellular (113) and mitochrondial (15)
     membrane transport
     5. Regulates thermogenic control (11)
3. Vascular Response
   a Vasodilation
     1. Dilation of peripheral vessels (31)
     2. Dilation of coronary vessels (114)
     3. Aortic strip relaxation response(115)
     4. Cerebral arteriolar dilation(116,117)
     5. Pulmonary arterial relaxation (118)
   b. Vasoconstriction
     1. Essential Hypertension effect (31)-Patients
     with severe essential hypertension have been
     reported to have a vasoconstriction response to
     H2O2 infusions instead of vasodilation. which
     usually occurs.
4. Glucose Utilization
   a H202 mimics insulin (16)
   b. Increases glycogen production from glucose (119)
   c. Type II Diabetes Mellitus stabilized with H202
   infusions (120)
5. Granulocyte Response
   a Depressed granulocytes after treatment, then
   rebound measured after twenty-four hours(31)
   b. Secondary resistance to peroxide after exposure
   c. Alteration of T-4/T-8 ratio with increase of T-4
   Helper cells (28)
6. Immune Response
   a. StimulatesMonocytes(92)
   b. Stimulates T-Helper cells (109)
   c. Stimulates Gamma Interferon production (58)
   d. Decreases B-cell activity (121)
   e. Responsible for immunoregulation (58)
   f. Regulates inflammatory response (122)


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