OxyFile #347

Universal Naturopathic Encyclopedia Directory and Buyers' Guide 
Year Book of Drugless Therapy for 1918-19 Volume 1.

Edited by Benedict Lust, N.D., D.O., D.C., M.D.


All the high tension currents in passing through the air produce 
large quantities of ozone, but the greater the frequency and 
higher the voltage, the greater the production.  Whenever it is 
desired to administer ozone for therapeutic purposes, it is 
necessary to generate and purify it by forcing the ionized air 
through the oils, which absorb, or through a simple alkaline 
solution, which neutralizes nitrous and nitric acids liberated 
with ozone, while the electricity is passing through the air.

This is accomplished by means of a glass vacuum ozone generator, 
connected to the Tesla secondary, Oudin resonator, or one pole of 
the Static machine; or by a special ozone generating apparatus of 
which there are various types.

A very efficient and pleasant combination of oil is one part oil 
of eucaliptus, and two parts oil of pine needles.


Since oxygenation is essential to life, the inhalation of ozone is 
beneficial in all diseases, but in some diseases it is of 
particular benefit.  When inhaled, it hastens the oxygenation of 
the blood and tissues, increasing the number of red blood 
corpuscles (and decreasing the number of white corpuscles), and 
augmenting the proportion of urea in the urine; therefore, it is 
of value in anaemia, chlorosis and all conditions where there is 
imperfect oxidation and impaired nutrition.  Being a powerful 
antiseptic, it is an excellent remedy in the treatment of 
bronchial and laryngeal affections, catarrh, hay fever, whooping-
cough, pulmonary tuberculosis, and all other diseases of the 
respiratory organs, etc.

Ozone treatments should last from ten to twenty minutes (according 
to an output of the apparatus employed), and may be frequently 
repeated, but for the reason that a large amount of ozone may 
produce serious symptoms, it is advisable to give shorter 
treatments at more frequent intervals.

Since we must be careful when using so potent a remedy, it is the 
safest rule to stop the treatment as soon as the patient feels a 
slight sensation of lightheadedness, which indicates that he has 
received a sufficient dose.

The oils after being used for some time to purify the ozone, owing 
to the large amount of ozone retained therein, may be used as a 
dressing for ulcers and chronic skin diseases.