OxyFile #341


During the last  quarter of 1995, Medizone  International, Inc. 
(the "Company") was  advised by San  Raffaele Hospital of the 
University of Milan ("Milan") and the Regional Oncology Center and 
AIDS Treatment  Center at Aviano ("Aviano") that their respective 
ethics committees had approved the commencement of human trials to 
study the effects of Medizone (the drug) on patients infected with 
HIV (in the case of Aviano) and Hepatitis B (chronic-active) 
trials (in the case of Milan), subject to the receipt of specific 
affirmative approvals for these trials from the Italian Ministry 
of Health.

On May 8, 1996, the Italian Ministry of Health issued its 
approvals, which were thereafter communicated to the Company.  The 
Italian Scientific Society for Ozone Oxygen Therapy ("ISSOT") will 
supervise these Phase I clinical trials which were designed by the 
Company as classical Phase I trials of its patents (both of 
Medizone, the drug, and the Company's technology) to determine, 
in a dose-ranging study, the relative toxicity of this treatment 
against surrogate markers of efficacy.  Each of these trials is 
designed to take approximately one year to complete, although 
there can be no assurance that such time-frame will be adhered to 
once the trials commence.