OxyFile #337

Medizone Announces Canadian Blood Forces Program Status

New York City - October 3, 1995 - Medizone International, 
Inc. (OTC BB MZEI.U) reported on the status of the third 
stage of the research on its blood decontamination process 
being investigated by the Department of Defense, Candadian 
Blood Forces Program in a letter to the Company dated 
September 29, 1995.  Commodore Michael E. Shannon M.D. 
(Navy), Deputy Surgeon General, Canada, stated:

"As you are aware, the Department of National Defense (DND) 
has been conducting a series of studies to evaluate the 
efficacy of ozone in blood sterilization.  Specifically, a 
combination of ozone and leukocyte filtration could 
inactivate/remove infectious viruses from blood.  The initial 
phases of this work have been conducted at the Animal Disease 
Research Institute of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada under 
the direction of Dr. F. Quimby, who was at the time on 
sabbatical from Cornell University.

As a surrogate for the human immunodeficiency virus, a simian 
immunodeficiency virus (SIV) was selected for the 
investigation and cynomologus macaques were used for the in 
vivo study.

Ozonation was delivered by either of two commercially 
available instruments; one of which as you know, was obtained 
from Medizone and utilized hollow fibre technology.

During the course of the study, it was determined that the 
SIV isolate characterized and selected for the study was 
capable of inducing an AIDS-like clinical picture with 
virtually 100 percent mortality.  It was decided to 
concentrate the effort at this point on the ozonation of 
plasma as an initial step before proceeding to the red blood 
cells and whole blood.  Blood was drawn from the macaques, 
plasma was extracted and SIV introduced.  This spiked plasma 
was then ozonated and injected back into the macaques.  No 
clinical signs were observed after 35 days and subsequent 
assessment by PCR and pathological examination was unable to 
detect the existence of any virus in these animals.  In the 
virus controlled experiment, the monkeys developed clinical 
signs by day seven and experienced 100 percent mortality.

The final stage of the process is now underway involving red 
cells in which red cells function and morphology will be 
examined after ozonation.  Not withstanding the limitations 
of current technology, we anticipate the completion of this 
work by Christmas.

Should this project prove successful, recognizing that it is 
a generic proof of concept study only, you can appreciate 
that the potential impact on blood transfusion technology in 
North America will be profound."

Medizone is highly encouraged by Commodore Shannon's letter. 
But the Company also recognizes that additional research will 
be required before its patented process will be available for 
application for licensing approval of its blood 
decontamination technology.

Medizone is developing MEDIZONE (c), an ozone-based treatment 
for diseases caused by lipid enveloped viruses, including 
Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS), Hepatitis B, and 
Herpes; and is also developing its patented technology for 
the decontamination of blood and blood products.

Medizone International, Inc has a Front Page Web site at the 
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