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The following is the final part to a paper written by Dr. Sunnners 

"Dr. Sunnen's Paper on Historical and Current Ozone Usage".

How this helps your research.  If you know of any source of Oxygen 
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Historical and Current Ozone Usage - Part II 

Today, we continue on the history and current usages of Ozone, I 
am writing excerpts from the book "Oxygen Therapies", by Ed McCabe 
on "Dr. Sunnen's Paper on Historical and Current Ozone Usage", pp

Intravenous Treatment: 

Now rarely used, this method of direct injection (without first 
mixing the blood with ozone outside the body), was used by Lacoste 
in 1951 on gangrene. It is rarely used because of the potential of 
accidents due to too rapid an injection. He found that up to 10 ml 
of pure ozone/oxygen could be directly injected into the leg 
artery, or a vein, without getting dangerous bubbles in the blood, 
since both gases are readily soluble in blood. 

Muscular Injection: 

Used with blood treatment, this is an added cancer therapy. Up to 
10 ml of the pure mixture is injected into the muscles. 

Ozonated Water: 

Ozone is about 10 times more soluble in water than oxygen. Used 
mostly in dental surgery, it improves the local oxygen supply, and 
inhibits bacteria. Ozone water has also been used on peridontal 
disease, swallowed for treatment of gastric cancer, and applied as 
a wash in intestinal or bladder inflammation. 

Ozone Ointments: 

Mixed with olive oil, this mixture gives a low strength, long term 
dose of ozone and lipid peroxidases to the tissues. Used on fungal 
growths and skin ulcers.

Ozone Baths: 

Ozone bubled through warm water irrigates the skin, to disinfect 
and treat eczema and skin ulcers. 

Blood Purification: 

An exciting possibility, all the world's blood supplies may 
possibly be made viral free! Treating 500 ml of whole blood with 
100 ml of ozone/oxygen mixture (40-50 ug/ml) is reported to render 
it virus free without injuring any healthy cells. One particular 
study tested ten thousand treated samples and found no hepatitis. 
In the future, this technique may also be used in removing the 
AIDS virus. One preliminary unpublished study indicates this to be 

Effects of Ozone: 

Most studies, up to this point, have only focused on proving how 
breathing ozone was toxic, or name it as air pollution. Pure 
ozone, applied in the proper say, is quite a different story. The 
studies where animals have inhaled it do not equal the response of 
the human lungs, because there are so many differences in the 
anatomy and physiology. Mice have the most trouble with it, and 
birds the least. Inhaling very low dosages increases enzyme 
activity, while overdosage can result in bleeding in the lungs. We 
see again the window concept, and refer you to what "Merlin" found 

Due to the danger of breathing in too much ozone, modern treatment 
machines are designed to prevent any leakage into the treatment 
room, as well as catalytically converting excess ozone to oxygen 
during administration. some studies, however, point to beneficial 
effect of low dosage ambient ozone. 

Bactericical, Virucidal, and Fungicidal Action: 

We have known ozone kills and inhibits pathogens since the 
nineteenth century. What we haven't done is the tests proving 
exactly why it has these effects. Only a few microgreams per liter 
provide germ killing action. It works even faster on viruses than 
bacteria, at lower dosages, and is influenced by pH, temperature, 
and other nearby organic compounds. Different viruses have 
different susceptibility to destruction by ozone, for example, the 
polio virus is forty times more resistant than other viruses. 

Ozone's popular reputation as a bactericide centers on it's 
ability to destroy the pathogen's outer fatty/protein shell. In 
one study it actually penetrated the cell's membrane and changed 
the DNA. Higher organisms have enzymes that can restabilize 
disrupted DNA & RNA, where lower forms do not. This could be why 
ozonem, at proper levels, will kill a virus (a lower lifeform), 
and leave a person's (higher lifeform) cells unharmed. 

One study showed the ability to destroy candida fungi to be 
dependent on their stage of growth. Budding cells were the most 
sensitive. Another study showed a low dose increasing the growth 
of two other fungi. 

Viruses are genetic parasites, and can be separated inito 
families, based on structure. Those containing lipids are the most 
sensitive: herpes, mumps, measles, flu, rabies, HIV/AIDS. In some, 
the shell is damaged, in others they remain whole, but unable to 
reproduce. Often the ozone is used up in a blood reaction, and the 
products of that reaction cause the destruction or inactivation of 
the pathogens. Although unlikely to be outright curative by 
itself, when combined with other therapies, ozone may lessen 
clinical severity or duration. 

Two Good Medical Ozone Books: 

"Ozone in Medical Therapy", by Julius LaRaus; $80.00, from:
International Ozone Association; 83 Oakwood Ave.; Norwalk, CT 

"The Use of Ozone in Medicine, A Practical Handbook and Reference 
Guide", by Siegfried Rilling, MD. Price unknown. Check address 

I believe that every home library should have Ed McCabes - "Oxygen 
Therapies".  Ask your health food store.