OxyFile #334


"Many feel it to be the most promising, safe and effective 
treatment for major degenerative diseases, from cancer and 
arthritis to AIDS and chronic fatigue.  It's ozone-medical 
ozone-considered the most dynamic of the many oxygen 
therapies. -Gary Null


The ozone layer on high keeps the planet and us from 
sizzling like kebobs on a barbecue.  Closer to home, ozone 
has a bad name-it creates smog.  But unlike its 
atmospheric cousins, ozone in it;s pure form-O3, or 
medical ozone-is a potent cleanser and detoxifier.  Ozone 
frees oxygen in the system like wildfire, disabling 
troublemakers like bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi and 
cancer cells, which thrive in low oxygen environments at 
the cellular level.  At the same time, ozone strengthens 
our healthy cells which normally thrive in high oxygen 


Three decades ago, Dr Otto Warburg, Nobel prize winner and 
director of the Max Planck Institute in Berlin, made an 
important discovery.  He confirmed that the key 
precondition for the development of cancer is a lack of 
oxygen at the cellular level.  Since we know that ozone 
increases oxygen to the cells, ozone is considered an 
anti-cancer agent.  Low concentrations of ozone have been 
proven to produce two potent anti-cancer agents, alpha 
interferon and interleuken-2, which activate the immune 


Naturopathic physician Dr Stanley Beyerle treats prostate 
cancer with an ozone protocol that he reports yields 
phenomenal results.  He performs five treatments over the 
course of 20 days, and the program helps prostatic tumors 
shrink dramatically.  Beyerle states that most prostatic 
cancer is contained within a capsule until it is biopsied 
and he attributes the overuse of biopsies to the spread of 
cancer within the body.  He feels that a big advantage of 
ozone is that it successfully treats this cancer while it 
is encapsulated.


Dr Beyerle reports major improvement using ozone with 
other types of cancer too, including tonsil, throat, 
ovarian, colon and breast cancer.  "I have had three 
breast cancer patients now who were supposed to be dead a 
year ago," he said.

Also, he is seeing improvement in breast cancer patients 
where there is metastasis to the bones, liver and spinal 
column. "We are seeing patients who were bedridden two 
years ago and sent home to die...They are becoming 
ambulatory.  Their energy level is coming up.  They are 
gaining weight.  And we see these spontaneous fractures in 
the spine are gradually disappearing.  Strength is 
returning to the musculature.  There is no spinal pain," 
says Beyerle.


Research by Dr Horst Kief, the first physician to 
successfully treat HIV-positive patients, reports that 
ozone is "highly effective against viruses."  The study 
noted an "astonishing improvement" in AIDS patients where 
the disease has not severely progressed and partial 
remission in 30% of cases of complete manifestation of 

HIV is no small matter.  Nathaniel Altman, author of 
Oxygen Healing Therapies explains: "When I was in Cuba, I 
interviewed one of the chemists doing research on the 
subject.  She said if a person infected with HIV receives 
ozone before it gets into the lymphatic and bone systems, 
HIV can be killed and stopped right on the spot."


"In treating hepatitis, direct AHT (a type of ozone 
treatment) has been demonstrated countless times as being 
effective.  By doing this procedure, at least 15-21 days, 
we've been able to see hepatitis completely wiped out," 
claims pioneering physician Dr John Pittman.
Besides ozone's success treating different types of 
hepatitis, cancers, and AIDS, physicians report particular 
success treating candida, allergies and bladder 
infections.  Other disorders treated with ozone therapy 
include: herpes, arthritis, respiratory conditions, 
multiple sclerosis, sexually transmuted diseases, 
parasitic infections, gastrointestinal disorders and 
problems with wound healing.  In some countries, there is 
an ozone generator in the emergency room of every major 
hospital, particularly benefiting heart patients and 
stroke victims.


Over the past 40 years, an estimated ten million ozone 
treatments have been given to over one million patients in 
Germany alone.  According to scientific research, ozone 
therapy is amazingly safe and nontoxic.  Adverse reactions 
are astonishingly low-one data review reported fewer than 
six thousandths of one percent.  The reactions include 
mild muscle pain and occasional fever.  Compare that to 
the toxic side effects of many pharmaceuticals and 
surgical procedures.

Ozone therapy has been benefiting clinical practice since 
WWI, but primarily in Europe.  While there are fifteen 
thousand ozone practitioners in Europe alone, the U.S. has 
been slow to recognize ozone's wide-spectrum healing 
abilities.  When will mainstream medicine and regulatory 
agencies acknowledge and deliver this potent healing 
therapy?  How much longer must the American Public wait?"