OxyFile #333


[Ozone-Oxygen-Therapy of Gynecological Carcinoma]

Author:   Muller-Tyl E; Salzer H; Reisinger L; Washuttl J; Wurst F 

Source:   Fortschr Med; 97(10):451-454 1979 

The effect of iv administration of an ozone-oxygen mixture on the 
serum fatty acid and triglyceride levels of 40 women with 
gynecological cancer was determined. Each patient received 10 ml 
of the mixture. The triglyceride and total free fatty acid levels 
in the serum were measured before and 10 min after the 
administration of the ozone-oxygen mixture. The av values for 
total free fatty acids were 8.84 and 8.03 mg/100 ml serum before 
and after ozone-oxygen administration, respectively. The av values 
for the triglycerides were 82.43 and 70.85 mg/100 ml serum, 
respectively. The decreases in the levels of triglycerides and 
total fatty acids, as a result of ozone-oxygen administration, 
were statistically significant. The reasons for the observed 
effects of ozone-oxygen administration are discussed. (17 Refs)