OxyFile #332


[Intravenous Therapy with an Ozone-Oxygen Mixture in Gynecological Radiotherapy]

Author:   Hernuss P; Mueller-Tyl E; Dimopoulos J 

Source:   Strahlentherapie; 148(3):242-245 1974 


Forty patients with primary genital carcinoma (carcinomas of the 
cervix, uterus, ovary, vagina and vulva), and 5 patients with 
recurrent genital carcinomas were treated with an ozone-oxygen 
mixture. Compared with a control group, the patients irradiated 
and treated with ozone-oxygen mixture showed faster regression, 
and a reduced incidence of radiation side-effects, such as 
colpitis, proctitis, cystitis, diarrhea, and reduced erythrocyte 
and leukocyte counts. The ozone-oxygen mixture itself caused no 
side-effects. The best results were observed in patients with 
recurrent genital tumors with poor oxygen supply. (9 refs)