OxyFile #330

HIV antiviral effects of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Author: Reillo MR; Altieri RJ

Source: J Assoc Nurses AIDS Care, 1996 Jan-Feb, 7:1, 43-5


Researchers have speculated that hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy 
has an antiviral effect in HIV infection. To determine HBO's 
antiviral effect, the authors performed ex vivo and in vivo 
quantitative assays on HIV-infected plasma and peripheral blood 
mononuclear cells (PBMCs) at baseline and after treatment. The 
authors also HBO-treated uninfected PBMCs and then exposed them to 
HIV at ambient pressure. HIV viral load was decreased in the 
infected cells, and few viruses entered uninfected PBMCs exposed 
to HBO. The results of this study support the theory that HBO has 
an antiviral effect.