OxyFile #322

DNA strand breakage and base modification induced by hydrogen peroxide treatment of human respiratory tract epithelial 

Author:   Spencer JP; Jenner A; Chimel K; Aruoma OI; Cross CE
          Wu R; Halliwell B

Source:   FEBS Lett 1995 Oct 30; 374(2):233-6


Treatment of human respiratory tract epithelial cells with 
H2O2 led to concentration-dependent DNA strand breakage 
that was highly-correlated with multiple chemical modifications 
of all four DNA bases, suggesting that damage is due to 
hydroxyl radical, OH. However, the major base damage occurred 
to adenine. Hence, conclusions made about the occurrence 
and the extent of oxidative DNA damage on the basis only 
of changes in 8-hydroxyguanine should be approached with