OxyFile #317

Blood and Tissue Biochemical Study of Normo and Hypercholesterolemic 
Rabbits Treated with Ozone

F. Hernandez, S. Menendez, and I. Alvarez
Nation Center for Scientific Research
Ozone Research Center
P.O. Box 6880
Havana, Cuba


Evaluation of ozone effect, by rectal insufflation, on lipid 
metabolism and antioxidant defense system in hypercholesterolemia 
versus normocholesterolemia conditions was performed.  Our results 
proved that there was a positive effect in cholesterol metabolism and 
in the stimulation of the antioxidative defense system, suggesting a 
close relationship between cholesterol catabolism and antioxidant 
defense activation in hypercholesterolemia state.

Publish Date: 1995