OxyFile #316

Dose-Depended Effects at Inter-Action of Ozone with Undiluted Blood

Sergei P. Peretyagin
Interregional Centre of Ozonotherapy
Medical Academy, Nizhny Novgorod,


The possibility of durative influence of ozone during the low stream 
blood oxigenation is grounded in the present work.  The 
microrheologic properties of the erythrocytes membranes, the acidic 
resistency and agregational capability values were investigated the 
influence of ozone on regular elements of blood and hemoglobin, 
carbohydrate, protein metabolism and fatty acidic composition of the 
general lipids of plasma was assessed; the lipid peroxidation 
products, the values of energetic metabolism of erythrocytes, the 
gaseous composition of blood and its acidic-basic state, the blood 
plasma toxicity were studied.

As a result of the accomplished investigations it is revealed that 
ozone possesses of the expressed metabolic activity in respect of the 
oxidation substrates (proteins, lipids, carbohydrates), oxygen-
depended processes and physicochemical properties of biological 

Publish Date: 1995