OxyFile #315

Experimental and Clinical Reasons to the use of Ozonecontaining 
Preparations in a Pyoseptical Surgery

Miroshin S.I., Bolgov V.F., Peretyagin S.P., Kontorschikova C.N.
Military Hospital, Medical Academy
N. Novgorod


This work presents analyses of data experiments and clinical 
observations of complex ozonetherapy on pyoseptical diseases and 
complications.  New possibilities of ozonecontaining preparations, in 
particular antiseptics are studied.

A marked effect of bacteriocidal properties strengthening of 
antiseptic solutions, the result of their treatment with ozone-oxygen 
mixture is revealed Neutrphilstimulating effect of local use of 
purulent wound is also found out.  As a whole, complex ozonotherapy 
allows to shorten significantly (I,3-I,5), duration of the patients 
with pyoseptic pathogy treatment.

Publish Date: 1995