OxyFile #314

Physico-Chemical Properties of Ozonated Isotonic Sodium Chloride 

Kontorschikova C.N., Peretyagin S.P., Ivanova I.P.
Medical Academy, Centre of Ozonetherapy
Nizhni Novgorod,

The report presents physical and chemical estimation of ozonated 
solutions used in different pathologies.  There was determined the 
spectrum of oxygen free radicals that are generated in ozone 
barbotage of physiological salt solutions and distilled water.  The 
contents of dissolved ozone, temperature and pH were analysed.  
Dynamic characteristics of chemiluminescence intensity dependent on 
ozone dosage and treatment time were studied.  The received data are 
of significant importance in valid use of ozonated solutions in 
clinical practice.

Publish Date: 1995