OxyFile #312

Application of Ozonized Oil in the Treatment of Infected Radicule 

Silvia Menendez, Olga Cruz, Odalys Reyes, D. Labaut, Odalys Cruz, 
Laura Eng, and Wilfredo Diaz

Ozone Research Center.  National Center for Scirntific Research
Elpidio Berovides Polyclinic


The aim of this study is to evaluate the germicide power of Oleozon 
in the treatment of infected radicule conduits.  200 adult patients, 
with the diagnosis of radiolucid periapical rarefaction area, were 
divided, at random, in two groups of 100 patients each.  Experimental 
group was treated with Oleozon and control group, with Cresophene.  
With Oleozon, 91% of patients were cured in comparison with the 
control group were only 55% responded to treatment.


 - In the Oleozon treated patients high percentage of cured patients
   (91%) was achieved in comparison with the Cresophene treated ones
 - The time of healing diminished in those patients treated with
 - No adverse reactions were observed.

Publish Date: 1995