OxyFile #311

Application of Ozonized Oil Ovules in the Treatment of 
Vulvovaginitis.  Preliminary Study

S. Menendez, J.L. Rebull, J. Molerio, and W. Diaz


The aim of this study was to demonstrate the fungicide power of 
Ozonol product obtained starting from ozonized vegetable oils.  In 
this double blind study, 60 women with diagnosis of vulvovaginal 
candidiasis, were divided, at random, in 2 groups: experimental, 
treated with Ozonol and control, treated with Nistatin ovules.  The 
healing, in patients treated with Ozonol was 100% and for the group 
treated with Nistatin, was 50% (p=0.016).


The effectiveness of Ozonol was demonstrated in the treatment of 
vulvovaginitis by Candida albicans, proving its great fungicide 
power, with a good recovery of these patients.  Non side-effect 
reactions was found and Ozonol was well tolerated by them.

Publish Date: 1995