OxyFile #310

Onicomycosis Treated with Ozonized Oil

S. Menendez, R. Grillo, L. Falcon, R. Daniel, and W. Diaz

Ozone Research Center.  National Center for Scientific Research
Carlos J. Finlay Hospital


A study with the aim of demonstrating the fungicide power of OLEOZON, 
in the superficial mycosis was performed.  The diagnosis was made 
according to clinical and mycological evaluation.  200 out-patients 
were divided in 2 groups: experimental, treated topically with 
OLEOZON, and control, treated with tolnaftate solution or salicylic 
solution of gentian violet.  The mycological evaluation, were 
negative in 69% of the patients treated with OLEOZON and in 7% of the 
control group.


Oleozon demonstrated a great effectiveness in the healing of patients 
suffering onicomycosis, having a high therapeutical superiority in 
comparison with conventional treatments.  The healing time, in 
patients treated with Oleozon, was lesser than that obtained with 
conventional treatments.  These patients suffered no adverse 

Publish Date: 1995