OxyFile #309

Ozone Therapy Like a Favoring Element in the Rehabilitation of 
Children with Hearing Loss

E. Basabe, S. Menendez, F. Segarra and M. Ponce de Leon

Cira Garcia Central Clinic
Ozone Research Center.  National Center for Scientific Research
Lina Odena Special School
William Soler Pediatric Hospital


A double blind study, with 34 children with sensorineural hearing 
loss was performed.  The sample was divided, at random, in two 
groups: ozone (rectally and at doses depending to age) and oxygen.  
Audiometry and psycopedagogical tests were performed.  In ozone 
group, audiometry (grave and conversational level) improved 
significantly and medical psycopedagogical integration.  It is 
demonstrated the advantage that ozone therapy offers in the 
rehabilitation of children with hearing loss.

Publish Date: 1995