OxyFile #306

Oxygen Partial Pressure in the Blood of the Arteria Carotis, Ear 
Artery and Vena Cava Superior After Rectal Ozone-Oxygen-Insufflation 
- Animal Experiment Examination

Winfried Klug and Hans-Georg Knoch

Department of Surgery of the Central Academic Polyclinic (Head: 
Prof.Dr.Med.Dr.H.C. H.-G. Knoch) of the Medical Academy "Carl Gustav 
Carus" Dresden


In animal experiments it was shown that after rectal insufflation of 
an O2/O3 gas mixture (250 ml O2, 11.25 mg O3, gas flow rate 4 l/min) 
the pO2 in the blood of the Vena cava superior and in the blood of 
the Arteria carotis interna is significantly increased over a time 
period of 100 min.

Publish Date: 1991