OxyFile #304

Morphological Observations in Rats Treated with Ozone by 
Intramuscular Applications

M. Noa, F. Hernandez, M. Herrera, S. Menendez, A. Capote, C. Aguilar

National Center for Scientific Research.
P.O. Box 6990
Havana, Cuba


Rats were treated during twenty five days with hypercholesterolemic 
diet.  After this day, administration of ozone was performed.  All 
organs were processed for light microscopy.  In all groups, animals 
were observed without alteration of the structure, except in a 
positive control group with hypercholesterolemic diet, where two 
animals presented zones of myocardium necrosis.  Animals treated with 
ozone did not show alterations, so ozone may have a protective effect 
on the myocardium when this administration way is used.

Publish Date: 1991