OxyFile #301

Ozonetherapy in a Complex Treatment of Threatened Abortion

Grechkanyov G.O., Kachalina T.S.

Medical Academi, Nizhni Novgorod


In clinical conditions the method of ozonetherapy was applied to 110 
patients with threatened abortion of 8-22 weeks of pregnancy.  
Ozonized 0,9% solution of NaCl was used.  The dose of ozone was 
selected experimentally in vitro-lipid peroxidation (LP) was taken 
into consideration.

Under the influence of ozonetherapy was marked a considerable 
improvement of health, a reduction of pain and phenomena of early 

After laboratory control the following facts were discovered:

1. level normalization in blood of feto-placental hormons (oestriol,
   progesteron, placental lactogen, prolactin, contrizol);
2. improvement of immunity (phagocytic stimulation, level reduction
   of immune complexes);
3. normalization of lipid peroxidation.  Pregnancy was conserved by
   89% of patients.

Publish Date: 1995