OxyFile #290

The Treatment of Muscle Contracture with Ozone

A. Balkanyi
Zurich, Switzerland


Painful muscular hypertonia may have various organic, metabolic and 
psychovegetative causes, often in combination.  This chronic pain due 
to excessive muscle tone acts via metabolic, functional and 
mechanical pathways to lead to a snowball-like spread of the pain 
through the tendomyotic chain.

With a suitable disposition, the pain of excessive muscle tension can 
finally act through vegetative pathways to produce ischaemia or 
hypoxia in the internal organs, with corresponding consequences.

The use of ozone-oxygen mixtures initiates multiple biochemical 
processes which are able to act at various pathogenetic levels.

85 patients with painful muscular hypertonia of varied genesis and 
refractory to various previous therapies were treated by injection of 
ozone-oxygen mixtures into the muscles exhibiting painful tone.  The 
ozone concentration or the quality of the ozone-oxygen mixture 
depended on the muscle mass to be treatment.  The success rate was 
91,5% after finishing treatment and 91,5 eight weeks later.

Publish Date: 1994