OxyFile #272

TI    Animal experiment studies on the use of ozone in irradiated and 
      non-irradiated tumors. I. Intravenous ozone therapy of 
      Crocker's sarcoma 180 and Ehrlich carcinoma in the white mouse
AU    Grundner-HG; Bauer-E; Tramer-G; Utesch-E
SO    Strahlentherapie. 1976 Apr; 151(4): 372-81
ISSN  0039-2073


The fractionated tangential local X-ray therapy, in cases of sarcoma 
180 in white mice with a total dose of 1500 R, effects a shrinking of 
the tumours as well as a certain number of cures. Intravenous 
administration of ozone in a total dose of 0.15 times 10(-7)g, 1.5 
times 10(-7)g, and 15 times 10(-7)g - by itself or together with 
irradiation - has as consequence neither an inhibitory effect on the 
tumour growth, nor an increase in radiation effect that are 
surpassing the diffusion width of the model and are reproducible in 
an exact manner. It has been possible to prove an inhibition of the 
tumour growth in the solid Ehrlich's carcinoma of white mice after a 
fractionated 2000 R irradiation, but also in these cases, no effect 
of the ozone application was stated.

UI    76178871