OxyFile #270


TI    Animal experiments on ozone therapy of non-irradiated and 
      irradiated tumors. II. Ehrlich ascites carcinoma in vivo
AU    Grundner-HG; Erler-U
SO    Strahlentherapie. 1976 Jun; 151(6): 522-9
ISSN  0039-2073
UI    76225427


Mice, carriers of the Ehrlich ascites carcinoma, were exposed to a 
fractionated whole-body irradiation with four times 750 R. Before 
resp. after each exposure, an ozone-oxygen mixture was 
intraperitoneally injected. In other cases, the ozone-oxygen mixture 
was given without irradiation. Ozone had no essential effect upon the 
transplantation capacity neither in irradiated ascites cells nor in 
cells not exposed to radiation. Ehrlich ascites tumor cells, 
transplanted into a subcutaneous air-pocket under the abdominal skin 
of the mouse, developed a solid tumor and a fluid accumulation 
without cells. A diminution of the fluid was brought about by means 
of a fractionated local irradiation with five times 200R, by a 
secondary treatment with ozone and also by ozone alone. Evidence of 
damage to the tumor cells, however, is only to be produced by 
investigations into the metabolism and reproductive capacity of these