OxyFile #266

TI    Studies on ozone therapy of acne vulgaris
AU    Gloor-M; Lipphardt-BA
SO    Z-Hautkr. 1976 Feb 1; 51(3): 97-101
ISSN  0301-0481
UI    76273387


Ozone therapy using the Vapozone 9, an instrument in normal 
commercial usage, has been carried out on the forehead of 16 male 
test persons on 7 consecutive days. Before the treatment began and at 
the end of the treatment period the skin surface lipids on the 
unchanged skin (casual level) and two hours after defatting the skin 
(replacement sum) were taken by direct extraction and analysed by 
means of thin layer chromatography. The results of these 
investigations rule out a decrease in the free fatty acids by this 
therapy. As a result of this finding it may assumed that no 
desinfecting effect on the corynebacterium acnes and other 
lipasereleasing microorganisms can be attributed to ozone therapy.