OxyFile #258

AU  - Chuev PN
AU  - Ivanchenko SA
AU  - Vladyka AS
TI  - [Ozone hemotherapy and endogenous intoxication in gestoses]
AB  - The paper is concerned with the study of chief markers 
      of endogenous intoxication such as bodily content of medium-
      weight molecules (MWM) in patients with grave forms of 
      gestoses, as well as with quest for ways of initiating 
      a correcting therapy. Results of complex studies permitted 
      coming to the conclusion that endogenous intoxication in 
      different forms of gestoses runs its course through stages.
      This validates not only MWM levels but peculiarities of 
      their distribution in erythrocytes, blood plasma and urine 
      of patients as well. In particular, a change in the urine 
      MWM level depends on the functional state of the Kidneys.
      Decline in bodily content of the studied toxic substrates 
      owing to inclusion of ozone hemotherapy in conventional 
      intensive therapy of gestoses makes for an appreciable 
      lessening of the degree of catabolic disturbances.

SO  - Lik Sprava 1999 Mar; (2):107-8
DP  - 1999 Mar
TA  - Lik Sprava
PG  - 107-8
UI  - 99352857