OxyFile #256

 AU   - Carpendale MT, Freeberg J, and Griffiss JM.

 TI   - Does ozone alleviate AIDS diarrhea?

 AD   - Rehabilitation Medicine Service, San Francisco Veterans
        Administration Medical Center (SFVAMC) 94121.

 AB   - Five patients with acquired immune deficiency syndrome 
        (AIDS) or AIDS-related complex (ARC) and intractable 
        diarrhea were treated with daily colonic insufflations of 
        medical ozone (oxygen/ozone mixture) for 21-28 days. The 
        daily dose of ozone (O3) ranged from 2.7 to 30 mg. Three 
        of the four patients whose diarrhea was of unknown 
        etiology experienced complete resolution, and one patient
        had marked improvement. The fifth patient, whose diarrhea 
        was due to Cryptosporidium, experienced no change. No 
        consistent change in the absolute number of helper (CD4) 
        or suppressor (CD8) lymphocytes was detected, and no 
        obvious changes were seen in the PO2 or the results of 
        routine hematologic and blood chemistry studies. Patients 
        had mild to moderate local discomfort during ozone 
        administration early in the course of treatment, but no
        adverse systemic effects were observed. The results of 
        this series suggest that medical ozone administered by 
        rectal insufflation is simple, safe, and effective. 
        Should this simple treatment be used routinely to treat 
        chronic intractable ARC/AIDS diarrhea?

 SO    - J Clin Gastroenterol. 1993 Sep;17(2):142-5.