OxyFile #255

AU  - Shakov VIu
AU  - Edeleva AN
TI  - [Reasons for the application of medical ozone in the treatment 
      of chronic purulent mesotympanitis]
AB  - Ozone-oxygen mixture (ozone concentration 600 microg/l)
      was used in irrigations of the tympanic cavity in 52 patients 
      with chronic purulent mesotympanitis (CPM). The course 
      of the treatment consisted of 5-7 procedures. 18 CPM controls 
      received standard treatment without the irrigations. The 
      course of the ozone-oxygen irrigations produced good results:
      ear discharge and tympanic mucosa inflammation stopped 
      in 81% of the irrigated patients, levels of myeloperoxidase 
      which marks inflammation reduced significantly, bactericidal 
      effects of the mixture were observed for all the detected 
      pathogens, antibiotic sensitivity of the bacteria rose.
      Fast antiinflammatory result of ozone therapy was due not 
      only to its bactericidal effect but also via its antihypoxic 
      and immunomodulating mechanisms.

SO  - Vestn Otorinolaringol 1999; (2):48-9
DP  - 1999
TA  - Vestn Otorinolaringol
PG  - 48-9
UI  - 99243081