OxyFile #246

[Use of hydrogen peroxide in the treatment of sewage in 
antibiotic production]

Author:  Polunina EE; Zav'ialova EV; Shchipanov NP; Savina NN

Source:  Antibiot Khimioter 1996 Mar; 41(3):15-9


The possible use of hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant in 
the local treatment of the sewage in antibiotic production 
was investigated. The data on oxidation of SASs and other 
pollutants in antibiotic production by hydrogen peroxide 
alone or in the presence of ferrous sulfate as a homogenous 
catalyst are presented. The influence of the sewage preliminary 
treatment by hydrogen peroxide on the foaming was studied. 
It was shown advisable to use the described process for 
the local treatment as the first stage followed by the 
sewage electrochemical treatment.